What is this?

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Introduction

This is a blog – i.e. a place where narcissistic freaks and weirdos hang out and spread weird conspiracy theories like untrained hospital personal spread gastric flu during the winter. It is on the internet, which is a large network of linked computers, which contains some useful information as well as, literally, all the pornography. (What, you didn’t know? What the hell are you doing here? Go and frolic!)

Aaanyway, for you remaining people, this is a site about animals. But not the boring, aww-so-cutie-wootie kind, the other kind. This is for the interesting, creepy, unpleasant, horrible and all round evil creatures that lurk in the dark places of the world (Hey, that’s quite good! Ed) that make your friends laugh when you encounter one and squeal like a little girl (assuming your friends are sociopaths. Ed) The kind that normal people run away from, and which might well be crawling underneath your bed sheets as we speak. The sort that disprove intelligent design, but do suggest that, at some point, Lucifer was allowed to piss in the primordial soup.

Have fun!



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