This is a blog all about various interesting (in a nasty kind of way) animals. I update it as and when I feel like it; there’s no regular schedule. If you’d like to see an animal featured here, contact me.

Please note that if you are easily offended, some entries may not be for you. Any views, opinions &c expressed on here are not necessarily my own personal ones, and definitely DO NOT represent the views of anyone else unless directly stated. If I haven’t credited your image, research or work correctly, please tell me and I’ll happily rectify it! Although I do try and be accurate, NO ATTEMPT IS MADE AT COMPLETE ACCURACY. If I’ve made a mistake; again please contact me.

THE MATERIAL ON HERE IS **PURELY** FOR ENTERTAINMENT (although I hope it is also a tad educational). IT **SHOULD NOT** BE TAKEN AS ADVICE, EXPERT OPINION OR ANYTHING ELSE LIKE THAT. Long story short, if you’re stupid enough to actually use the information presented here when dealing with these animals you deserve what is coming to you.


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